Create and Save JPG Stereo (JPS) pairs (and other formats). Send Stereo Pictures to Users Default Page Flipped Viewer (such as NVIDIA Viewer). Create and Save Anaglyph Pictures (Red-Blue or Red-Cyan, Yellow-Blue, or Green- Magenta). Align Color plane while viewing anaglyph. Send alignment back to main windows. Zoom anaglyph in and out (Left click and drag up or down to zoom in and out). Drag zoomed anaglyph (right click and drag). Expand anaglyph to full screen (double click on anaglyph). Magnify glass on Anaglyph for color plane alignment (do not use the glasses). Grids on Anaglyph (type a “g”) Create and display Sliding Anaglyph's (watch main window turn 3D). Create and Save Interlaced pictures. View Interlaced pictures directly in window. Display 3D Interlaced in one window for comparison to the other flat window. Create 3D Frames Drag and Drop pictures onto the main windows. Crop (simultaneous) aligned images. Split Stereo Pairs (that are not named as a stereo pair) for manipulation. Split existing Anaglyph's into color planes (allows changing depth of existing anaglyph). Rotate Images (100 th's of a degree). Auto Load Named Pairs to right and left Windows. Auto Load Stereo Pairs to right and left windows. Load MPO files (Fuji FinePix REAL 3D cameras) Rename unnamed pictures with naming convention. Extract images from AVI and many MPG movies where the camera has been slid sideways. Click Select for vertical alignment of two images. Click or slider for horizontal Image alignment. Arrow keys for alignment. Magnify glass for selecting alignment points. Picture Overlay alignment check "T" Image Rotation (90 degree increments or 1/100 degree).. Rotation Form Increase an Image Size. Swap pictures from right to left. Grid on window. X on window. Set a floating picture Label (i.e. copyright, company name etc.). Magnify Glass for general detail viewing. Auto resize of JPS images to fit screen when sending to users default JPS viewer (such as NVIDIA viewer). Display picture file information for the displayed pictures.' Image Processing (1 = from the three right most small image buttons, 2 = right click on large picture window, 3 = Image menu at top of main form.)    Blur-Sharpen      1 & 2    Change Size      2 & 3    Contrast      1    Crop         2 & 3    Equalize      1    Flip Horizontal      2 & 3    Gamma Correction   1 & 2    Grayscale      1    Histocontrast      1 & 2    Hue Change      1    Intensity      1 & 2    Intensity-Stretch      1    Median Filter      1    Mosaic         1    Negative      2 & 3    Oilify         1    Posterize      1    Rotate         2 & 3    Saturation      1 & 2    Solarize         1    Cool/Warm      1    Add Noise      3    Edges         3    Emboss      3    Pictureize      3    Range Detect 3    Sharpen Blur       3    Shear         3     “Many options  but easy to use” Made with Xara fantastic