There is a new version as of July 15, 2011 Viewing Methods There are a growing number of viewing methods. The red-blue anaglyph glasses are just a cheap and easy method to get one picture into each eye. You can also print the images onto paper and view them in 3D with the anaglyph glasses. Many of the new flat panel TVs and monitors can view stereo 3D. They use either 1. page-flipped active  LCD glasses that are synchronized by the graphics card. The program can send the jps pictures to your NVIDIA viewer. or 2.  a passive interlaced display If you are using a passive display as a monitorm you can directly use the programs Interlaced window to view in 3D. Made with Xara fantastic
3D Version 8.3.0 July 15, 2011 1. Rewoked the Interlaced viewer modes to work with Passive LCD TV (Vizio) used as a desktop monitor. Tested using     HDMI outputs. Works in both the inwindow mode on the main screen and in the Interlaced Pop-Up window. TheTV did     not go into 3D mode when tested with the RGB outputs of a laptop. 2. Modified multipicture load mode to make sure the last picture loaded gets split to full size in both windows if it is a jps or     MPO picture. 3. Added a generic picture resizer for general use with Windows 7.  It is located under the File menu. Version 8.2.1 (Jaunary 26, 2011) 1.0 Fixed/Updated method to open stereo files with the system default jps viewer (right click on the “Save As” button). 2.0 Modified so that when you select 2 jpg photos they will automatically load to the left and right window. 3.0 Modified Windows file open method so that multiple files will load in correct order on Windows 7. Version 8.2.0 (January 12, 2011) 1.0 Added rotate buttons to anaglyph form 2.0 Fixed issue that when main form in minimized and user rotates (etc) anaglyph.       Dialog box did not show up and program would lock minimized. 3.0 Fixed select form so you can select in reverse order. Added if load only 2 images then one goes to the right picture. 4.0 Fixed directory startup problem again. hide rotate buttons when not anaglyph. 5.0 Changed several ints to longs based on vary large Mars pics. Added hourglass to buttons.  6.0 Added black to labels in black mode. (type a “k”) 7.0 Added shift form for anaglyph and main form. 8.0 Added right click on <.1 or >.9 button with right click to process right or left image. 9.0 Added finger grab to anaglyph grid move. Added grid redraw after rotate to anaglyph form. 10.0 Added MPO read capabilities. VERSION UPDATES Note: If you already own a license, save your key, uninstall the old version, download and install a new version.