Made with Xara fantastic Graphics Card Drivers are only needed if you are using shutter glasses. If you already have shutter glasses, then you already have them. You do not need them for anaglyph viewing. NVIDIA Graphics Card Users Let your NVIDIA graphics card control the stereo shutter glasses. Note: If you are only using anaglyph glasses then you do not need the stereo drivers. If you plan on using LCD shutter glasses then you will need the stereo drivers.  NVIDIA Stereo Drivers  Note that the latest stereo drivers need the latest NVIDIA graphics card drivers:  Latest NVIDIA Graphics card drivers  There are updated links in the program help fil Anaglyph (and other) Glasses  Slide Bars  3D LCD Shutter Glasses: As recommended from the NVIDIA Web Site I-O Displays: H3D and I-Glasses 3D™ StereoGraphics™: CrystalEyes3™  eDimensional: E-D Glasses Virtual Realities: VR-3D Glasses 3D Stereoscopic Monitors:  No Glasses: 1.Dimension Technologies Inc.: 15.1" LCD Display and 18.1" 3D LCD Display 2.SeeReal Technologies: 18.1" C-i 3D Display and 20" C-nt 3D Display Polarized Glasses 1.Hyndai IT Corp P240W/Xpol Polarized flat panel  Shutter Glasses (there are others) 1.Samsung's 3D-Capable PN42A450P Plasma display  3D Notebook PC:  Sharp Actius RD3D: world's first notebook with integrated 3D switchable display There are other new ones, search the web! Some General 3D Sites (there are thousands (millions?) out there):  Http://