We view the world with two eyes. Each eye sees an image that is different from the other. The mind merges the two so that we see only one, but transforms the duality of information into the breathtaking sensation of the other dimension. The place where you can reach your hand and understand when you will touch before you touch. The dimension that gives feeling to your vision. As important for man knowing how to throw the first stone... as having a delicate touch move across a loved ones face. With our cameras we attempt to record our world. Places we have been, our family, things that we want to remember, to understand. But when we take only one picture, we loose more than half of what we see. Gaining back the sensation is simple. a different image for each eye and let your mind do one of the wonderful things it does. Stereo 3D is Fun and Beautiful! it’s just better than one picture! The purpose of the 3D Fantastic Stereo Producer is to easily turn your (to be created?) stereo pictures into stereo pairs for viewing. The pictures can come from a camera or from several types of AVI or mpg files recorded off your video camera (if you move the video camera sideways). The program allows you to easily match up (and modify) two images that will be used in the stereo pair. The stereo pair can be output as a JPS (jpeg stereo), BMS (bitmap stereo) , PNS (PNG stereo) file, an Anaglyph ((red-blue) or (blue-yellow) or (green-purple)), or as an interlaced bitmap file. The JPS files can also be immediately viewed by other JPS viewers (such as the NVIDIA viewer and LCD shutter glasses) if you have one set up on your system. Making things pop out of the screen is awesome. It's artistic. It's scientific. It's FUN! Made with Xara fantastic